Our Services

Find out more about our services based on modern know-how and practical experiences.

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

When acting on the sell-side, we create a valuation of the business and research the market for potential investors and recent comparable transactions. We design the entire sale process and produce all supporting documentation such as Teasers, Information memoranda, analyses and presentations. We coordinate the due diligence process and align the work of other advisors. In the later stages, we support the client throughout the talks with potential investors, ensuring that they choose the best buyer and receive a fair compensation for their business.

When we are positioned as buy-side advisors, we scout the market to find the most suitable targets, based on our client's geographical and other preferences and a number of other factors. Our most important goal is to identify potential synergies which can create additional value for our client. We support our client during the due diligence process, as well as in the subsequent negotiations to ensure that the price paid by our client allows them to achieve a solid return on their investment.

To do this, our team relies on its members’ vast hands-on working experience in various industries and corporate finance. Through our membership in Oaklins, we can now offer these and other corporate finance services using a broad network of industry experts in over 40 countries worldwide.

Fairness opinion and Valuation services

We provide valuation reports and fairness opinions for business owners, management, shareholders, mostly in connection with planned transactions or corporate finance actions. Every valuation or fairness opinion which we conduct is custom made and takes into account anticipated market trends to challenge the underlying business plan. Depending on the context, our report may also be accompanied by sensitivity analyses which take into account key growth drivers and provide our client with a feedback which links firm value and strategy, helping them make the right choices.


In order to help secure acquisition or investment financing to our clients, we provide them with a service which spans the entire length of the process. We provide analyses of capital structure and future cash flows and design customized solutions for our clients which may involve different banking products, equity or equity related financing. In the final stage of the process, we leverage on our excellent knowledge of and relations with various types of investors, PE funds, banks and financial institutions.