Our Services

Our services are based on modern know-how and practical experiences

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

As a sell-side advisor we conduct a valuation of the business by using the discounted cash flows method, the trading multiples approach, and comparable transactions approach. We implement a full selling proces – from market research and potential investors search, up to creation of all the necessary documentation like Teasers, Information memorandums and company pitches. Our advisory team also provide client support during the due dilligence process as well as coordination of work of other advisors included in the deal process.

As a buy-side advisor we conduct a market research in order to identify the most suitable acquisition targets, taking into account the client's geographical preferences and other important factors. Our main goal is to identify potential synergy effects that could result in a value added to the client in case of a successful acquisition. We also provides support during the dule dilligence process as well as in subsequent negotiations.

In order to fulfill the given task, we rely heavily on the broad experience of employees gathered by previously working in corporate finance in various industries and on practices used on past successfully advised transactions. As an Oaklins member firm, we have the abilty to provide a full service set in the area of corporate finance using Oaklins' network of highly skilled professionals and industry experts operating in more than 45 countries worldwide.

Fairness opinion and Valuation services

We conduct company valuations and provide an opinion about the value of the business for the ownership, the management, and the shareholders. Every valulation being prepared is specifically adjusted for expected market movements and unique industry characteristics within which the company operates. Therefore, company reports and valuations provided by us are usually supported by different sensitivity analyses that take into account the company's key performance drivers in order for us to ensure a complete client's understanding of relations between the value of the business and the strategies implemented. 


We conduct an analysis of the company's capital structure and its future cash flows to create solutions uniquely adjusted to every client's needs in securing funds needed for acquition and investing activities. Created solutions include different agreements and fundraisings in collaboration with banks, investment funds, and private equity funds with whom we, because of the advisory expertize and successful long-term business excellence, have an exceptional relationship.